Saturday, December 11, 2010

4G Air Card & Bob & Marcy’s refrigerator still out.

This morning we went to the Verizon store for an appointment to talk about eligible upgrades on our account. We ended up getting the 4G air card and a lower monthly rate. Sounds like a good deal.

After leaving the Verizon store we went to Bob and Marcy’s. They were just leaving to go to Sears to talk to someone in person regarding their “piece of junk” refrigerator so we tagged along. Unfortunately, the sales clerk in the store was as useless as the service people. It seems they do not care about service after the sale. To make a long story short, to get the refrigerator serviced, you have to call a number that connects you to a person in Arizona……and a person who may or may not speak English. Sears finally sent someone out Friday morning to “fix” it but all he did was take the back off and say, “I don’t see anything wrong.” He plugged it back up and it started cooling only to stop again after he left. Of course, when Bob called him back to let him know this…..he got voice mail and no returned call. So much for their service and extended warranty. John called the service line after we left Sears to see if he could get someone to help. He finally convince the man to send someone out Monday morning. The sad thing is the service people have been out five times and have never really serviced it or fixed anything.

In the mean time, Bob and Marcy have had to either go out to eat or use an ice chest for their refrigerated items. John has been looking for a small refrigerator to put in the basement of the RV so he went looking and found one today. He brought it over to Bob and Marcy’s so they could use it until their refrigerator problem is resolved.

Tonight Bob and Marcy came over to play 10 Penny. Marcy won the first round with a score of 95 and the second one with a score of 35. WOW …….. it was her lucky night.

Earlier tonight there was a tornado watch and thunderstorms. The temperatures are supposed to drop into the 20s. I dread that.

Laugh everyday. Happy trails. Stay safe.


  1. Unfortunate that "service agents" don't know what "service" means. Hope they find a solution soon.


  2. Time for Bob to kick some serious Sear's Service Dept. butt...Maybe John and Bob should show up together in dark suits with suitcases...that might scare 'em!!