Sunday, December 19, 2010

Waffles for breakfast & the one footed duck.

Woke up to chilly temperatures at Lake Lincoln this morning.  John prepared waffles and sausage for breakfast for everyone.  Later on in the morning Dawg and his family headed for home. They have to work tomorrow and needed to get back early.  We enjoyed our visit with them.

002 John cooking sausage.

While out walking with Fred this morning I saw a duck walking around close to our campsite.  I noticed he walked strangely and was able to move in close for a picture.  Somehow this poor duck was missing one of his feet.



When Dawg and his family were getting their RV reading to go John and I walked over to see them off.  We noticed the one-footed duck was in the water behind their rig.  John grabbed a handful of dog food and proceeded to feed the duck.



Before long a group of ducks came by.  I think they were looking for food.



We were the only people in this section of the campground. 

007 Our site.

008 Dawg’s site.

013 Scenery from across the lake.

020More scenery from across the lake. 

John and I decided to wait until after lunch to head back to Timberlake Campground.  We enjoyed some left over spaghetti and salad then packed everything up and hit the road.

Laugh everyday.  Happy trails.  Stay safe.

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  1. You have a one footed duck..we have a lame duck..and a lame buck...who fight over the corn we throw out...Your spot there looks great..I would hate to leave!