Tuesday, December 14, 2010

Just chllin’ in the chilly weather.

Believe it or not…..we did not leave the campground today. I did organize the photos I had taken and downloaded since September. It took me most of the afternoon to finish that. I think tomorrow we will have to make a Wal-mart run cause we are running out of everything.

For dinner tonight I was going to make a turkey pot pie with left over turkey breast that John cooked the other day. I usually use cream of celery or cream of mushroom soup for a base and mix it in with the meat and vegetables but I messed up tonight. When I went to the panty I reached in and pulled out a can of what I thought was cream of mushroom soup. But….NOT….it was clam chowder. It had one of those pop top lids and I opened it before I read the label. Duh!!!! So I decided to use it and save the turkey. I know that sounds gross but it really tasted pretty good. I guess the homemade crust drowned out the taste of the clams. LOL

The temperatures have been warmer today and the winds have died down. I am go glad because I do not like cold weather.

Laugh everyday. Happy trails. Stay safe.


  1. Sherri and I had steak last night at Saltgrass Steak House. One good perk about this job you don't have to fix your meals. On the down side you have to pick a place to eat out and that gets old after a while. We would love to set down with you two and have some clam chowder...

  2. Clam chowder and a loaf of warm bread and ya got a great meal in my opinion...We love clams in any way, shape or form!!!