Friday, December 10, 2010

Radio installed in the Ram for new owner.

Up at 8 this morning.  John had his doctor appointment for his annual physical so he had to set the clock to make sure he got up on time.   Really hate having to set that clock. LOL

When he got back from his appointment he installed the repaired navigation radio in the Dodge Ram we sold last month.  John had sent it off to be repaired when the truck sold so he installed  it for the new owner. 

In the afternoon John’s friend Minor came by to help him with the wiring for the lights on the Freightliner.  I think they have the problem narrowed down now.

Later we made another Wal-mart run for groceries and to pick up prescriptions from the pharmacy.  That is always fun….NOT!!! LOL

John cooked burgers for dinner and then we just chilled out.

Laugh everyday.  Happy trails.  Stay safe.


  1. That did not sound like too bad a day, depending on how you feel about going to the doctor-I personally dread it.

    Maybe tomorrow some special fun should be planned.

  2. Wish we were chilling with you two

  3. When you get as old as McGuyver and I you don't need an alarm clock...Your old bones wake you up about 5AM every morning....UGGG!