Tuesday, December 7, 2010

New Aluminum Truck Bed

The new truck bed is on order with a 6-8 week construction time frame from Bull Head Products in Kodak, TN. Nice folks, Jody did the measuring and figuring with so help from one of the guys in the shop. His mom Dotty does the paperwork. They run a 6-8 man shop. If you need a truck bed I highly recommend them.
We were planning on going out to Kerrville, TX at the end of January but the truck bed may not be ready by then. They close one week for Christmas. So, depending on when it is ready we will either head West to TX or East to the coast. Cold here, 20's for the lows and 40's for the highs. It is actually colder in Florida than here, hard to believe. We stayed in today, actually didn't get up until 9, even Fred slept in.

Stay Safe


  1. I, for one, am willing to believe it is colder in FL. Here in Daytona Beach it is going down into the mid 20's again tonight.

  2. Daughter in Tampa says she's wearing her coat and gloves!
    Sleeping in sounds dreamy! K

  3. Can I just say I look forward to seeing your photo of Fred when I go to your blog...I think Fred and I have the same nose....
    Sleep in...oh yea...love those days.