Tuesday, December 21, 2010

Christmas lights.

Got up around 9 this morning. Are we getting lazy? It was almost like a spring day today reaching into the 70s. Strange weather for December….but I will take it because I don’t like cold weather.

John and I picked up our friend Kay for lunch today. We ate at Biaggi’s, an Italian restaurant. We all chose the half and half lunches where you can choose half of any sandwich with unending refills of soup or salad. John chose the lettuce wedge salad with his sandwich and Kay and I chose the soup with ours. Kay’s husband Bo is at home recuperating from neck surgery and did not feel up to an outing today. Sure hope he feels better soon.

Tonight John and I picked up Bob and Marcy and went looking at Christmas lights. There are certain neighborhoods that have spectacular light arrangements. The pictures below are of the same yard. This man adds new stuff to his Christmas decorations each year. There are so many things in the yard you can’t get it all in one picture. This year he even had a small group of people playing Christmas music with instruments. Cars were lined up to look and listen.







The next picture is of another yard that has lots of lights in it. We had to park across the street in a shopping center to get this picture so it looks smaller than it actually is. This man only lights his yard up on the week of Christmas.


Tomorrow I go back to the dentist to get the permanent crown put in. I will be so glad to get that over with.

Also tomorrow, the Sears repairman is supposed to fix Bob and Marcy’s refrigerator. We shall see what happens with that.

Laugh everyday. Happy trails. Stay safe.


  1. The Griswolds have nothing on these people...great Xmas lights! I wouldn't hold my breath waiting for the Sears dude...keep you gun loaded..

  2. The last picture on your journal looks like our RV. We always decorate for Christmas.