Thursday, August 12, 2010

2011 Mobile Suite 36TKSB3

John up early this morning. He said he couldn’t sleep because someone was snoring loudly and it wasn’t Fred. Guess that was me. LOL Anyway, I got up shortly after him because Fred was ready to eat and go for his morning walk. John was already on his computer surfing the web and waiting for his coffee to finish brewing. While surfing the web he found a 2011 Mobile Suite 36TKSB3. He is now waiting for the pre-delivery inspection. I guess that means we bought it. LOL

Now we have the Dodge 3500 Ram Mega Cab and the 2005 Mobile Suite 36TK3 for sale. John will be flying out Wednesday to pickup the Freightliner. When he returns we will be heading to Knoxville, TN to pick up the new Mobile Suite. We have really been stimulating the economy lately.

Tonight John and I had dinner with our friends Bo and Kay. We tried a restaurant called Sway’s Bistro. None of us had ever eaten there and thought we would give it a try. Sway’s offers steak, seafood, chicken, pasta and salads. Kay chose the shrimp Alfredo and I chose the chicken Alfredo. Bo and John both ordered ribeye steaks with sweet potato casserole and one other side dish. The food was delicious. The only thing we did not like about he place was the temperature. For some reason the air conditioning was rather warm.

Laugh everyday. Happy trails. Stay safe.


  1. Dang y'all! :0

    Congratulations on your new home and tow rig, we won't be able to miss you coming down the road. LOL

    Can't wait to see interior pics of the Mobile Suites.

    I'm really happy for you both. :)


  2. so what motivated to upgrade rigs...

  3. I am sooooooooooooo jealous! You know I love Mobile Suites...Can you share the pricetag on the 05?

  4. HOLY BIG RIGS!!! and you got one!! I have always loved the mobile suites...please post LOTS of photos of the inside....and Congrats!! A new rig is almost as exciting as winning the lottery!

  5. Goodness Gracious, Y'all! Thanks for working on this economic stimulation! We sure do appreciate it. Hope you enjoy all the new finery surrounding you!


  6. Wow!! Nice rig!! We'll be looking for those pics as soon as you can take them. How exciting!!

    Mike & Gerri (happytrails)

  7. WOW!!! Sounds like to me you are moving up to the East Side! I don't know if we can run with you any more? Good luck and let me see some pictures as soon as you can.

  8. Love your new home, and that is quite a truck to pull it.

    We won't miss you coming down the road. LOL

    I know you will enjoy it.

    Can't wait for more pictures.