Monday, August 16, 2010

Visit with mom and Bring me a fly swatter?

John up early this morning and over to Bob and Marcy’s to get his phone. Last night he left it at Annie’s and she dropped it off for him to pick up on her way to work. He had all his reminders for what he needed to accomplish today in it.

John took the Ram to have it detailed this morning then took pictures to email to a few people who had inquires. By the time he finished it was time to head to Crystal Springs to pickup Mom Hatch for lunch.

We ate a Louise’s Open Pit BBQ Restaurant in Crystal Springs. It has been in business since 1979 and offers BBQ plates and lunch plate specials everyday. Mom Hatch and I had the veal and John had the pork steak. The vegetables of the day were speckled butter beans, fried squash, steamed cabbage, creamed potatoes, new potatoes. All meals are served with cornbread or rolls. As we started eating I noticed a lady wearing a big black hat and smoking a very long cigarette swatting at a fly that kept landing on her table. The server stopped by and asked it she needed anything and she said, “Bring me a fly swatter, this fly is driving me crazy.” The server returned in less than a minute with fly swatter in hand. I told John, “Only in the South would someone request a fly swatter.” I had to laugh.


Notice the fly swatter on the table. We waited until they left to get the picture. I wonder what the Health Department would say. LOL


Mom Hatch enjoyed her outing. She was feeling pretty good today.


Mom Hatch and I at Louise’s.

After returning to campground I mentioned to John that I wish my new chair was here. We are still sitting in the lawn chairs in the camper until the new ones arrive. The chairs we ordered have a base that will match the maple finish in the 05 Mobile Suites. The new Mobile Suites will have a cherry finish. John remembered the lady said they could switch out the wooden bases on the chairs so I called her and asked about it. She suggested we come in and see which of their wood finishes matched the best and she would change the order. We arrived around 5:15 and Judy, the owner of The Back Store, and the lady who has been so great helping us, greeted us at the door. We agreed that the cherry finish the store had was the best match. She told us if we would like to stay her husband could switch out a base from another chair and I could have the floor model to take home. To make a long story short, the base wasn’t the right size so she faxed the changes of our order to the manufacturer. Judy and her husband have relatives that RV six months out of the year and are familiar with the lifestyle. We stayed and talked with them for a while. Very nice people and great customer service.

Laugh everyday. Happy trails. Stay safe.


  1. Sandy and I marveled at how much Mom Hatch resembles the late actress Jessica Tandy! In any case, we're sure she's every bit as much of a star to you all.

    Mike and Sandy

  2. Love the fact that you can ask for a flyswatter in a restaurant. LOL

    Since everything is bigger in Texas including the bugs, I bought a cute flyswatter a few years back. It was a flip flop on the end of a stick. Believe it or not I hit a bug so hard once I split the stick.

    Your Mom looks great. It was nice you two enjoyed a nice lunch together.


  3. Mom Hatch looks like she could roll with anything...even flies and a fly swatter..but, you are right...only in the South...Those new chairs sound really neat..I would be chomping at the bit to put my derierre in one!!

  4. Woman! That color blue is definitely your color! You look great! Love the flyswatter on the table. If it's the reeeealy deep south, the dead fly would be scooped up to use as a side dish ;)