Sunday, August 1, 2010

Breakfast at Fire House, Dinner at Annie’s.

Up early and over to Central Fire Station for breakfast. The guys from C-Shift cooked an outstanding breakfast of biscuits, eggs, sausage gravy, deer sausage and bacon. Everything was so delicious. Thanks C-Shift for inviting us to eat with you guys. We still need to play a game of 10 Penny before we leave again. LOL


Marc and Jimmy with John.


Todd and Clayton.


Allan, the new Assistant Chief of C-Shift

Today was also a special day for Assistant Chief Carter Hill. He retired today after 31 years of service. We wish him all the best.



After leaving Central Fire Station John and I drove over to Station 2 and Station 4 to visit with the fire fighters he hasn’t seen since we have been back.


Nathan “Dawg”, John, Ross and Pop Jackson, bottom middle.


John M., John, Troy and Steve.

This afternoon John and I went to my sister’s house to grill burgers and visit. A couple days ago my brother-in-law noticed a stray dog hanging around their property. They already have two dogs and it looks like this one wants to stay also. Anyone who knows my sister and her husband knows that this dog has probably landed in heaven.


This is the stray dog. She looks a lot our dog Fred, only larger. John calls her Fredrica.


This is Gordon. He was a stray that was dumped on their property. He has been with them more than 10 years. Lucky dog. He is very spoiled.

Dad wanted to try and get out a little today so he and Mom made it over for burgers. He is feeling a little better today. Hopefully his test results will be in Monday or Tuesday of next week. Thanks to everyone for their get well wishes for my Dad.


My Mom and Dad. Marcy and Bob.

My sister and I like to joke around. My brother-in-law fell asleep in his chair and we thought it would be funny to take a picture of him with sock monkey on his head. We would have gotten away with it if we could just stop laughing.


Brother-in-law Terry with sock monkey on his head. LOL


My sister, Annie and her husband Terry hanging out with sock monkey.


My sister and I plotting our next adventure. Look out world this could be ugly. LOL

Laugh everyday. Happy trails. Stay safe.


  1. Tell your Dad that Sherri and Joe said to get well soon!!!

  2. Good Times, good food, good friends...Life doesn't get much better than that..oh wait...did someone say DEER SAUSAGE? Yumalicious!

  3. Those firefighters know how to put out a meal. Our son does lots of cooking for his shift in Oswego. He always says that being a firefighter is one of the best kept secrets to keep. They have some awesome meals!!

  4. You had me until you mentioned deer sausage! I've tried it, but will pass on it for the rest of my life! Same goes for buffalo.

    Looks like you guys are having fun over there...that sock monkey gets around more than most people!