Saturday, August 28, 2010

Fred’s Spa Day, Bumming Around & Dinner with Friends.

Our day began with taking Fred to his spa day.  Yesterday when I went to the chiropractor I noticed a new dog grooming business next door to them.  Since it was time for Fred’s monthly spa day I inquired about price.  They offered 20% off for first time customers so today was Fred’s lucky day. 

We had an hour to kill before picking Fred up so John and I drove to the auto parts store for a cabin air filter for the Freightliner.  My past experiences with auto parts stores is that they have one speed of service SLOW!!  It is for that reason that I always stay in the vehicle when John goes inside.  I know I am not very patient.  We ended up going to three stores before John got lucky.  They had to order it but would have it after lunch.  Believe it or not a whole hour had past.  Imagine that. LOL  We picked up Fred and returned to the camper just in time to meet Annie.

003 My sister Annie with Fred.  He loves for her to pet him.

Annie and I had plans to hang out and shop today or as we call it go "bumming around”.  When we do this we usually eat lunch then go to our favorite stores.  Sometimes we don’t buy a thing just look.  Today John joined us for lunch at Zaxby’s.  This is our favorite salad place.  Afterwards John went back to the auto parts store to pick up the cabin air filter.  Annie and I proceeded to go “bumming around”.  Our tour of bumming around included  Borders Book Store, Hobby Lobby, Babies R Us, Khol’s and finally Walmart.  By the time we exited Walmart it was getting late so Annie dropped me off at the camper. 

John was busy waxing the truck when I got home.  It had rained a little so the temperatures were a little cooler.  I know he was tired from waxing that monster of a truck.

Tonight John and I had dinner with our friends Bo and Kay Jordan.  We chose a place called Philip’s.  Their specialty is seafood.  John and Bo had catfish platters while Kay and I opted for grilled Mahi Mahi and Tilapia.  Everything was very tasty.  No room left for dessert.

005 Bo and Kay Jordan.

Tomorrow we plan to go over to my sister’s for a cookout and a re-match of 10 Penny.  Got to get a 10 Penny re-match in before we hit the road.  LOL

Laugh everyday.  Happy trails.  Stay safe.

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  1. Get that freightliner all spiffed up, John....That is one nice ride!!!