Sunday, August 15, 2010

Spaghetti Dinner at Annie and Terry’s

John and I cleaned the Ram out today to get it ready to sell.  Tomorrow we will take it and have it detailed.

This afternoon the person who bought our old recliners came by and picked them up.  Yeah!!!  Now we will use our folding lawn chairs until we get our new chairs.  It sure looks funny in here.

After finishing all our chores we went out to Annie and Terry’s to pick up the two dining room chairs we have stored in their attic.  These will go back in to the 05 Mobile Suites. While we were there John took a dip in the pool to cool off.  It was 100 degrees today.  Too hot!!!!   Annie cooked spaghetti for dinner and invited us to eat with them.  Of course we stayed.   Thanks Annie and Terry for a tasty dinner.


Annie got a surprise when she opened one of her kitchen cabinets.  Sockey was hanging out in there. LOL  You never know where that monkey is hiding.

Dad felt like getting out tonight so he and Mom came over to Annie’s to play 10 Penny.  John and Terry decided to watch TV instead so it was just Mom, Dad, Annie and I playing cards.


Mom sure is concentrating hard on those cards.  Dad looks like he has a bad hand. LOL  Mom won the first game.

015 hahaha  I had the winning hand this round.

010Dad getting ready for his next play. 

007 Terry snuck back into the dining room to joke around with us  while we were playing 10 Penny.  He is so funny.

008 Dad had no idea Terry and Sockey were standing behind him. LOL

009 Mom never knew Terry and Sockey were behind her either.

We played two rounds of 10 Penny.  Mom won the first one and I won the second.  Dad said he wants a rematch.  He is feeling much better and is talking about going to his favorite casino for lunch one day this week.

Laugh everyday.  Happy trails.  Stay safe.

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  1. I warned you that Sockey cheats at cards..I caught him looking over someone's shoulder a couple blogs ago!! Actually, maybe I could borrow Sockey to do some snooping when I play cards..I am NOT a game player, and never win..Sockey could be an asset!