Saturday, August 7, 2010

Dad getting stronger.

Dad feeling stronger today. He accompanied Mom on a couple of errands to get out of the house. I think he is building his strength up to beat us in 10 Penny. LOL

Annie came over and picked John and I up for lunch. We decided on Zaxby’s. This is one of our favorite places to go for salad. Annie and I got the grilled house salad but John tried something new. The Zensation Salad. He said it was not as good as the grilled house salad. After lunch Annie and I dropped John back off a the camper. We were going what we call “store hopping” and he was not interested in that. Store hopping is going to our favorite stores and just looking at stuff and bumming around. Sometimes we buy something but a lot of times we just look at stuff.

While Annie and I were “store hopping” John drove over to Best Buy and did a little shopping. He purchased a 19” Dynex LCD/DVD television for the bedroom. We got rid of the old one before we hit the road. It was one of those old heavy RCA tvs.


Oh by the way, Nellie, we had our weigh in day today. John is down 1.8 pounds and I was up .7 pounds. I think something is wrong here. LOL We will continue to watch our food intake and see what happens.

Laugh everyday. Happy trails. Stay safe.

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  1. Glad to hear you Dad is doing better...Yea, we need to upgrade to the HD, lighter weight TV too. We have one now at home, and boy the picture is tons better!!!