Monday, August 2, 2010

Dinner with Nathan and Connie.

Up early today and over to the therapeutic massage appointment.  Aahhhh my neck feels better already.  I think John went to sleep while he was in there. His back is feeling much better. 

Dad is still having the bad headaches and loss of appetite.  The doctor sent him for an MRI this afternoon.  He has an appointment to see the doctor tomorrow morning.  We hope they will have some answers soon.  

This afternoon John worked on his return air project. He said the pictures are still to come.

Tonight John and I went to Nathan “Dawg” and Connie’s for dinner.  Nathan prepared a masterpiece.  Everything was so tasty.  He prepared Italian green beans, and a very tasty potato dish (John called it Potatoes a la “Dawg”) along with grilled steaks and sausage. He also served some jalapeno cheese rolls.  Thank you Dawg and Connie for a wonderful dinner.


Nathan “Dawg” and Connie

Of course, after dinner we had to sit down to a game of 10 Penny.  Just got to play 10 Penny. LOL  During the game there was a disturbance coming from the living room.  It was Molly the Jack Russell.  She had battle with spider man and spider man lost.


Poor spider man….he lost his stuffing. He was just no match for Molly. LOL


Molly returning to the scene of the crime.


John with Molly. 

Unfortunately we forgot to bring Sockey the Sock Monkey to dinner with us.  We left him hanging out at the RV with Fred.


Laugh everyday.  Happy trails.  Stay safe.


  1. You may want to show sock monkey how do some household chores if he is gonna just "hang around"..Your dinner sounded "to die for"...I am a frustrated chef, so I love to hear of neat ideas for food.
    I don't think Spiderman is REALLY dead...He will use the lost stuffing to weave a fresh web..Don't be too hard on the dog.

  2. Glad y'all are feeling better and hope you get some answers about your Dad's health.
    Wow, Molly tore Superman's guts out huh! Was she just needing attention or what?
    Poor Sockey...He's gonna get a headache!
    Love reading your stuff!