Thursday, August 7, 2008


Filled up with diesel which is at $4.15 a gallon. Busy morning at the mall, had to climb up on all 9 of the rooftops checking for hail damage on the A/C units, found 4 damaged. Sent report to insurance company. After that A/C repairman shows up so back up on 3 of the rooftops. In order to get to the top we have to climb straight up 2 stories, no elevators here. Lunch with Bridget at McB's, smothered steak, rice and gravy, field peas, strawberry sensation, and tea. After lunch we recovered. Nap til 5:30p, supper was BBQ sandwiches from the roast made last night in the crock pot. Chat time.

Stay Safe

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  1. See you on Chat tonight if all goes well. Might take off to Wills Point to take care of business if so no chat

    Joe and Sherri