Wednesday, August 27, 2008

Installs Today

Dryer Vent Install

Dishwasher sits on the Combo Washer Dryer

Started out at FD getting off at 8am and headed to the mall. Worked there til 3pm. Busy day today with cleaning and such, they are having a photo shoot of the mall tonight at 7pm. Not sure what it is about but we had to tidy the place up along with our usual work. Pond pump filters today them trash patrol.

Got home at 3:30p after going by the Post Office. I expected to find my surge protector as delivery was today per UPS tracking number, wasn't there so I started with the Combo W/D install. I removed the door and door frame from the W/D closet. Measured for the vent hole and marked it. Went to Lowes for the supplies, hole saw, caulking, vent kit, screws, yada, yada, yada. Got back home and started cutting the hole in the exterior wall. Then I measured the vent and cut to length, put the vent kit together then placed it in the hole I had just cut to check for fit, it fit like a glove so I then applied the caulk to the back of the vent, put it back in and screwed it in place. That completes the outside, oh ya, as I am finishing this I here UPS drive up and the surge protector is now here. I am in the middle of this project so tomorrow will be the install of the surge protector as it is almost 90 degrees inside the Suite Ram. On the inside I slide the dryer into place, hooked up the vent hose and clamped it in place then hooked up the water lines, electrical and drain line, W/D is done. Now I hook up the dishwasher hose, electrical and now as I am typing this realize I didn't hook up the drain, this could be bad. The dishwasher is complete except for the drain. Tomorrow before starting the surge protector job I MUST hook up the dishwasher drain. Will be at the mall tomorrow from 7a-3p.

See you in chat.

Stay Safe

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  1. OK John trying to make me feel bad because I have not done all my chores. I caught the jab about it being 90 in the RV...yea I know what you are trying to do...make me look like a sissy because I wont work when it is hot...your right I am a sissy....wearing dresses and all. You are my idle I will try to get more chores done now that you have inspired me.