Monday, August 25, 2008

Working A Double

I am at the FD today and tomorrow, today working for Chief Hill. He is moving his father from Shreveport, LA to Ridgeland. Tomorrow will be my regular shift.

Fay is just about done with us and hopefully move out tonight or tomorrow morning.

I ordered a Progressive Industries hardwire 50amp surge protector with remote for Suite Ram today, excellent price of $322.24 which includes shipping,
hopefully will be in by Friday. Want to install it before our trip to Tunica in September. Also want to finish the W/D install before then as well.

Not much else, see you in chat.

Stay Safe


  1. I had to work late tonight and will every night this week so I may not make the chat room. Fill in for me if I am not there.


  2. Hey you caught it...Everyonce in a while I will through that in to see if anyone is really reading ol Speedy's journal...You won the prize...NOT I think it is a subconscience thing about dresses ...Ya think??