Monday, August 4, 2008

Job #2 and Photos

Job #2 today, busy all day long with only 2 breaks, now to the photos from yesterday. I was to tired to load them last night. I must warn you, the pictures are from a camera phone and have been blown up slightly.

Arrived at Vicksburg

Old river bridge on right, newer on left. I can remember crossing on the old bridge when we moved to MS in 1974, just a 2 lane.

Ameristar Casino, we left them some money, not sure about Mark and Dortha but I think they may have come out ahead.

Which machine is HOT?

I think Dortha was the only one playing by this time.

I can hear Speedy now " PUSH the button, PUSH the button and cash out Dortha"

Bridget, Mark and Dortha

Mark, Dortha and John

I had never seen anything like this before, as we were leaving the casino, the tops of the trees outside the doors were covered with birds sitting side by side weighting down the branches, if you look at the top, all of the gray are the birds.

See you in chat.

Stay Safe


  1. Thanks for the pics FD. So glad you got together. Wish you won some money!

  2. Not bad for a cell phone. You will really need to upgrade when you get on the road...Us old folks have trouble with big pictures LOL