Monday, August 11, 2008

Internet Down Again

The internet at the FD has been down all day. Last time this happened Comcast said for us to unplug, then replug the router which I did last time and reset the net. Our IT guy said not to do that because they had a thinggie on there to try to find the problem. Down at 8:30a, called our IT guy, he notifies Comcast, they show up at 5:30p and you guessed it, unplugged and replugged the router. Internet is back up, hard to believe, huh. Good day at the FD, slow, usual EMS calls. Lunch at the smokeless shack (McB's), our plate lunch hang out. Chicken fried steak, rice and gravy, green beans, roll, tea, and a key lime cake. Want the recipe for the cake but they won't give it out, almost like a bunt cake. Dinner is on it's way, don't know what it is yet. See you in chat.

Stay Safe

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  1. I am glad that you are now back up and running. Please let me know if need further assistance.

    Chicken fried steak? Hmnn - now I'm hungry!

    Best Regards,

    Mark C.
    Comcast Corp.