Tuesday, August 19, 2008

Busy At The Mall

Up at 6 for the mall job. Shower and breakfast, strawberry shredded wheat, orange juice and coffee. We had a busy day today cleaning. With backpack blowers on our backs, myself and one of the other guys blew off the sidewalks from 7:15 to 11:40 non stop. By the time we finished the backpack blower must have weighed 100 pounds. I met Bridget at her office for lunch, I had 3 hot dogs, chips, half of Kelly Jo's chicken salad, a piece of fried chicken, half of Sam's smoked sausage, jello fruit cup, chocolate teddy grahams, Lorne dunes, and a drink. Back at work, we worked with the plumbing company on the fountain pumps. Stopped by Lowes on the way home to see what I will need to install the washer/dryer in the trailer, a work in progress. Sitting in my recliner resting. Bridget and Kay have gone to dinner then to the movies to see a chick flick. I just finished leftover meatloaf. See you in chat.

Stay Safe

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