Friday, August 1, 2008

And Then The Rains Came

Up at 6, usual am routine, at job #2 by 7, we started cleaning the pond filters when the bottom fell out, got one set of filters cleaned. Must have rained 2" before noon. Lunch with Bridget at McB's, that's our local plate lunch restaurant. Today was hamburger steak with onion gravy, garlic roasted potatoes, butter beans, tea and homemade bread pudding with rum sauce, yummy. Back at job #2 we were having electrical problems with lights on one of the buildings, turns out there was a bad relay on the outdoor lighting, repaired by the electrician. Napped from 4p-7p, boy was I tired. Even as I type, Bridget is making BLT's for supper minus the L, the tomato is from one of the guys at job #2. That's it for now, on chat tonight.

Stay Safe

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