Sunday, August 3, 2008


Off today from both jobs, got home from FD had breakfast, bacon and egg sandwich, piddled around the house and around 1:30pm headed to Vicksburg, MS to meet up with Mark and Dortha on their way to Red Bay, AL. Gave them a call after we made a donation to Ameristar Casino and they were 40 miles out. Meet up with them at the campground and talked until around 5pm, we were getting hungry, both had late breakfast and no lunch, so we headed off to the buffet at Ameristar where Mark and Dortha treated us to supper (Thanks again). After we could eat no more, it was time or their donation and the rest of ours. We had a great time and visit with them. I do have pictures but will have to post them tomorrow as it is almost 10:30pm and I must be up at 6am for job #2. Missed chat tonight but will see you there tomorrow.

Stay Safe

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  1. I hope they didn't spend their down payment...LOL The casino will take your money in short order. Glad to see you all met up and had a good time.