Monday, September 6, 2010

Chilling out in Albuquerque, New Mexico.

Today was travel day; our destination Albuquerque, New Mexico.  We made it here a little after 1:00 p.m. and are staying at Hidden Valley RV Park.  It is a Coast to Coast park with quiet secluded camping in the Sandia Mountains.  We have 50 AMP!!!!! Yeah!!!  I know ….  I am spoiled.  The sites are very close together and there are no picnic tables on the sites but he scenery around the park is nice.


Sign at the entrance to the park.


This is our site.  See how close it is to the next one.  Both sides are the same way.

Fred and I went on a walk and I got a few pictures of the surrounding area.




After getting settled in we did go out to find the book store.  We were in search of a trucker’s atlas but did not have any luck.  We only went to one bookstore.  There are others and since we will be here a couple more days we will probably visit those.  While in the bookstore I looked at eReaders.  I have been looking at different ones and cannot make up my mind on which would be the best for me.  I want one that I will be able to download eBooks from Google as well as other sources and I understand that some of them are restricted to one source.  If anyone out there has any information or experience with eReaders that they would like to share, I would appreciate any comments.  I read a lot and would like to purchase one because, as all full timers know, storage space becomes an issue.


John and Fred chilling out before dinner. 


After dinner I went outside to get a picture of the sun setting.

Laugh everyday.  Happy trails.  Stay safe.


  1. I love my Kindle...while most of my books are from Amazon, you can also download books from some other sources (many offer multiple format types) as well as PDF files. I bought mine in April and have downloaded over 200 FREE books, all from Amazon. Some I may start to read and toss, others have been very good. Toss of the dice...LOL!

  2. I agree with Froggi. Both Tracy and I have Kindles and love them. Mine is the first generation which I've had for a couple of years. Tracy bought the second generation last November. The downside is that you are pretty much restricted to Amazon. A friend of mine has a Sony reader and she's able to download books (for free) from the library. Maybe there's a way to do that with Kindle too, but I haven't figured it out. Whatever you decide, I'm sure it will be a great investment, especially if you're an avid reader. Let us know what you decide on.

  3. Check out the free books (some may not be valid as they change quickly) here: and here:

    This is the blog I follow:

    Don't forget the Gutenburg Project:

  4. Don't forget to see Old Town while you're there. It's quite interesting.

    I really liked it at Hidden Valley even though the sites were small. They had a great library at the CG.