Saturday, September 4, 2010

No Bacon at Billie Dean’s!!!

Ok, it is Saturday morning and we were watching the Food Network on satellite TV.  We started talking about biscuits and bacon and since we hadn’t had any breakfast yet we decided to drive into the town of Roaring Springs to check out the little cafe.  We really wanted some bacon. We brought our computers along so we could finally post the blogs from two days and check emails and stuff like that.  When we arrived in Roaring Springs guess what?  Cafe was closed.  We then drove over to the next town…….about eight miles…called Matador.  After driving around we stopped at the only restaurant in town, Billie Dean’s Restaurant.  This is a little town where everybody knows everybody so when we walked in everybody looked up.  Kind of like in the moves. LOL

The waitress brought the menus and took our drink orders. She returned shortly with our coffee and orange juice and was ready to take our order.  John ordered the scrambled mess which consisted of eggs, cheese and one meat.  I ordered one egg scrambled well with bacon……but NO.  The waitress said, “We are out of  bacon.”  Now I am thinking we fell in to some kind of twilight zone or something.  What…. no freaking bacon!  I have to laugh because it is the one thing I really wanted. LOL  We got sausage with our meals along with hash browns and toast….dry toast that is…with NO BUTTER.   I did not even ask for any after the bacon thing.  The food was good though.  

As we were sitting here enjoying our meal there were a couple of ladies sitting at a booth  close to the front door.  One was holding a fly swatter and making good use of it too.  Now a few weeks ago I posted a picture of a fly  swatter that had been used in a MS restaurant when we took Mom Hatch out to eat.  I had posted a comment about swatting flies in restaurants. I guess it is more common than I thought.

Now that we have finished our breakfast we are sitting in the parking lot of Billie Dean’s with our computers in our laps reading email and blogs and posting our blogs.  It probably appeared like we fell of the face of the earth since our last blog posting but we are here in Roaring Springs until tomorrow when we head out to Clovis, New Mexico.

We just spotted three cowboys in white hats, Lee jeans, boots and spurs going in to Billie Dean’s.  I guess they were the good guys because their hats are white.  HAHA  just joking.


This is Billie Dean’s the restaurant with no BACON. LOL


This is John catching up on reading blogs and emails.  Doesn’t he look comfortable. LOL

Laugh everyday.  Happy trails.  Stay safe.

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