Wednesday, September 1, 2010

Don’t look now Bridget’s behind the wheel!!!!

We got up around 8:00 a.m. this morning. After lunch John went into town to mail a package. Then later on we loaded up in the Freightliner to see if I could reach the pedals and drive it. Wow, how fun is that! John showed me all the gauges and told me what to do and off we went. I don’t think I scared him at all.

002 Look out world. Get out of my way I can reach the pedals and the wheels are rolling! LOL

We agreed to go to the Dairy Palace for dinner tonight to try the burgers. John had the chili burger and I had a regular burger. We split a side of onion rings and a piece of cherry pie. The burgers were good but not the best I have had.

After dinner we returned to the camper and chilled out watching TV. Can you believe the only thing on worth watching is Rambo First Blood? I think it came out 30 years ago.

005 John and Fred played in the floor for a while.


Here is Fred with his tongue hanging out all tired from playing with John.

Tomorrow will be travel day for us. Our destination will be Roaring Springs, Texas. We plan to get up early to be in Decatur, TX for lunch. Our friend Nicole Jenkins told us about a place called Sweetie Pies and we want to try it out.

Laugh everyday. Happy trails. Stay safe.


  1. Good for you Bridget! That's a really BIG truck, but I think that I'd give it a try, too.
    - Mary Ann :-)

  2. Oh my, the challenge is on...hubby (retired Firefighter/Paramedic) has been after me to learn to drive our rig...a FL60 Freightliner that pulls our 41' KZ Escalade toy hauler. Guess I'd better take that first step and try the truck. Hope I can reach the pedals...LOL!

  3. You go girl! :)

    The first time I saw a pic of it, I told Rod "That is so cool, I just want to drive it." LOL

    Have a safe trip you two.


  4. I think I'll stick to the GMC...that's as much truck as I like...Driving that freightliner would be like Wilma driving Dino..