Sunday, September 26, 2010

Journey to Pagosa Springs

This morning Joe and Sherri picked us up for our day journey to Pagosa Springs. The scenery was beautiful and the weather warm and sunny. You could not ask for a better day. While in the Pagosa Springs area we drove through some of the campgrounds to see if they would be somewhere we would consider staying on future visits. Some were nice some not so nice. We even came across a Supreme Motorcoach Park for motor homes only.

Before long lunchtime was upon us. We pulled in to a place called The Junction Family Restaurant. This place had everything from appetizers to burgers to dinner entrees. There was inside and outside seating. We chose the outside seating.



This was the view from our table.

While waiting on our order I looked through a local real estate book I picked up at the front of the restaurant which showcased the elite properties that were for sale. I showed a few to Joe and we all laughed about which ones we would buy if we were millionaires. LOL Soon our food arrived.


Joe’s plate. Chopped sirloin steak covered with mushrooms and onions, a baked potato and cole slaw.


John’s plate. Country fried steak with gravy, baked potato and cole slaw.


Sherri’s plate. Chopped sirloin steak covered with mushrooms and onions, a baked potato and corn.


My plate. Grilled chicken breasts, rice pilaf and corn.


After several tries we were able to get a group picture.

There was a group of people sitting directly across from us eating their lunch. As we were trying to get a group picture it appeared to them that we were all staring at them. Finally one of the ladies figured out what we were doing and said, “Oh that’s what you all were doing”. It seems they thought we were just staring at them. We all laughed and Sherri told them, “Yes, we go to restaurants and pick someone to stare at for entertainment.” It was too funny.

After consuming our lunch we sat at the table enjoying conversation and having a laugh or two when our little waiter brought our tickets. We realized he grouped the wrong orders together. The waiter thought John and Sherri’s order was together and Joe’s and mine were together. When the waiter took our order he saw me laughing and showing Joe things in the real estate book so we paired us off incorrectly. We all laughed but I think the little guy was embarrassed.

Before leaving the restaurant we visited the gift shop where Sherri found some nice gifts; then we were on the road again.

Our next stop was a recreational area close to Navajo State Park. As we ventured down the road we noticed prairie dogs running about. Since we had not seen any wildlife up to this point we stopped to get pictures.



Aren’t they cute?

As we neared Navajo State Park we all decided to check out the windsurf beach area. The scenery was beautiful.



As we toured the area we came across an old water tower that had been used for the old steam engine trains of long ago.


Sock Monkey just had to have his picture taken.

Across the street from the water tower was an old rail car that had been restored as part of a boy scouts project. Sock Monkey jumped on the hitch for a picture not knowing that it was full of yellow jackets. Ouch!!!


By the time we finished our little journey dinner time was approaching. We returned to the campground and sat around visiting with Mike and Leslie. The men noticed some deer in the park. It was time to get the camera out again.


See the deer in the center of the photo.




I guess there is wildlife around here after all.

Tomorrow will be sad because Joe an Sherri will be leaving and heading back to Texas. We sure will miss them.

Laugh everyday. Happy trails. Stay safe.

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