Saturday, September 25, 2010

Is there a grocery store in Ignacio????

Today Joe, Sherri, John and I rode into Ignacio to visit the casino again and to sightsee a little bit. We tried our luck at the slots for a little while then decided to have lunch at the casino’s buffet. The buffet consisted of meatloaf, brisket, baked chicken, chicken strips, mashed potatoes, green beans, a salad bar, a fruit bar and a dessert bar. The food was not the best we have had but it was filling. While at the casino Joe asked one of the workers if there was a grocery store in Ignactio. We have driven through the town several times and have only seen convenience stores and gas stations. She told him that there was a grocery store and gave directions to it. We all piled in truck and went in search of this “grocery store”. After circling around and not seeing any signs that resembled grocery store signs we started going down the side streets…..and guess what……there is a grocery store. The entrance and parking lot was in a back alley. The name of the grocery store is Shur Valu. Now that we had found the store we decided to walk next door and browse in the Trading Post then walk over to do our grocery shopping. The following pictures show how the grocery store looks from the main street.

DSCN1123 John walking ahead to find an entrance to the store. This is how the building looks from the main street. No signs or anything that remotely resembles a grocery store.

DSCN1124 We’re getting closer.

DSCN1125 Oh look, here it is.

The store has two entrances one from main street and one in the back alley, which appears to be the front of the store.


Here is what looks to be the main entrance to the store. It looks like the building has been added on to several times. Notice the sign in the middle of the alley.

DSCN1127 This is the area for handicapped parking. There is probably enough room for two cars.

Once inside the store we were all surprised. They had just about everything you would find in a larger grocery store. The meat market had better selections than a lot of the bigger grocery stores. The prices were a little higher but then we are in the middle of nowhere.

Tonight we grilled brats at our place. We would have liked to eat out side but the mosquito swarm started up again. After dinner we settled in for movie night. First we watched The Cowboy Way then Wedding Crashers. I guess you could call it a double feature. We even had ice cream. LOL

Laugh everyday. Happy trails. Stay safe.

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  1. Cowboy Way happens to be one of my favorite funny movies. Next in line would be Wild Hogs.

    Your movie selections last night must have tickled everybody's funny bone. :)