Thursday, September 16, 2010


Today was moving day for us. We are on to Arboles, Colorado to Navajo State park to meet up with our friends Joe, Sherri, Mike and Leslie. We have had this trip planned since last year and cannot wait to get together.

John and I arrived at Navajo State Park around 12:45 and got everything set up. The internet and phone signals are not the greatest. Our sites are all together in a row. Wow! This park will never be the same. LOL After having some lunch John decided to go for a walk and site see and I stayed at the RV just chilling. We had all the window blinds open so we could see out. There is a nice view of the mountains but not the water from our sites. When we made the reservations months ago the map showed out sites on the water. Oh well, you can’t have everything. The following pictures are the views from our campsite.




In a little while I looked out the window and what did I see……..Leslie and Mike coming down the road. I jumped up and went out side to greet them. Their site is right in front of ours and Joe and Sherri’s is right in front of theirs. A few minutes later, I see Joe and Sherri coming up the road. By this time John had returned from his walk and the greetings and laughing had begun.

We don’t know why but a few of the sites have covered picnic tables. It just so happens that ours has a cover on it.


This picture was taken from our site so you could see how we are all lined up. Mike and Leslie are in the middle site and Joe and Sherri are in the very first one. We were all talking about the views from our RV’s. Joe and Sherri have a perfect view of the dumpsters. What is up with that?

After everyone had everything set up on their sites we all met up at our site and got caught up on the latest happenings and, of course, there was lots of laughing. Around dusk we experienced the attack of the mosquitoes. They came in swarms. Mike got out there insect repellent and John got out some spray. Leslie had spray on her arms and it repelled them pretty well. I remembered having some Avon Skin So Soft in the RV so I went in to get it and a spray bottle. I had purchased it in Indiana after someone told me it repelled mosquitoes.


John starts spraying the stuff all around as well as on all of us and he noticed the mosquitoes killed over within a few seconds. They would fly around but not stay on you. If the spray hit them it killed them.


Joe trying to get a picture of us swatting at the swarms of mosquitoes.


Mike fixing the bug repellent device.


Sherri and Leslie.


Sock Monkey didn’t want to be left out so….here he sits.


Joe thought he was being attacked by a large mosquito but it was that darned Sock Monkey. He just wouldn’t leave Joe alone.

After the “battle of the mosquitoes” we went inside to have some dinner. John had cooked a pork butt overnight and it was very tender. Mike and Leslie and Joe and Sherri all brought items to go with it so we were all set. We had BBQ pulled pork sandwiches, chips with queso, cole slaw, cherry chipotle sauce and cookies for dessert.

Once we had eaten our fill it was time for TEN PENNY!! It was around midnight when we finally finished and decided to call it a night. We laughed so hard I thought I sides would burst. Rod and Connie we talked about you guys last night. We know you both would have enjoyed being here with us. Oh, Mike won the game with a score of 205. Unfortunately, Joe came in last with a score of 695. I bet he will beat us all the next time. He was probably just getting warmed up.

Laugh everyday. Happy trails. Stay safe.


  1. We're glad to hear y'all have finally hooked up. You're right, that park will probably never be the same. We sure did enjoy the time we spent with y'all in Kerrville and cant wait to see you again Enjoy your adventures together. We had one of our own today involving a blown tire and trailer damage. I'll write about it in our blog in a day or two.
    --Rod and Connie

  2. I'm not a game player, but Dennis would learn it in 10 seconds and kick your butt..he should have been a card shark...Does that game include cards?? However, I COULD keep up with the eating and drinking end of the fun!! Enjoy!!!!